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TUF 24 – Episode 7 thoughts

Episode 7 starts off with the teams talking a little trash over drinks at the hot tub.

In particular, Team Benavidez’s Matt Rizzo, gets a little obnoxious with Team Cejudo’s Jaime Alvarez. Rizzo thought he outstruck his Episode 6 opponent Matt Schnell, despite losing the fight on the ground to a triangle submission.

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Rizzo and Alvarez are separated before things get serious.

Next, UFC president Dana White profiles this week’s fight between Charlie Alainz and Tim Elliott. you may remember Elliott, who bounced back from being released from the UFC to winning the Titan FC belt.

I was hired and fired by the UFC before I ever even learned how to throw a punch – Tim Elliott

Elliott feels that working with Benavidez has improved his striking.

Meanwhile, Team Cejudo’s Charlie Alainz misses his family – a lot.

Not an uncommon thing in mixed martial arts.

TUF 24
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Elliott is the more experienced fighter, but Alainz seems to have more intensity and hunger.

Tim Elliott also has a family – including a daughter – to take care of.

Team Cejudo holds a team meeting after practice to air out a grievance Kai Kara-France has with Alainz about saying he could knock him out. Alainz says he was speaking his mind, and if Kara-France wants to act like a “little kid,” that’s his problem. Of course, this doesn’t fly with the coaches, who explain to Alainz the need to tone it down. Will he?

We have another coaches challenge with a golfing theme.

The coaches each hit twenty (20) golf balls into various targets. The coach with the most points gets $10,000 USD and a trophy, with the winning coach’s team getting $1500 USD each.

Due to Henry Cejudo’s total lack of golfing ability, Team Benavidez wins handily.

It’s time for the weigh-ins.

Elliott weighs in at 125.5 pounds, while Charlie Alainz comes in at 125 pounds. The fight is on.


Tim is on the outside. Tim tries a flying knee and they start banging right away in the pocket. Alainz lands some hard shots. The experience of Elliott then shows, as he slips the next bunch of punches but gets taken down.  Tim tries for an armbar and gets up. They trade and then Tim gets a brief takedown. Tim takes him down again and takes the back, but no hooks. Then Tim cinches in a bulldog choke and Alainz taps.


Alainz is understandably disappointed and admitted his emotions got the best of him.

Round One is now over with each coach winning four.

Round Two begins next week with the following brackets:

No. 1 (Team Cejudo) Alexandre Pantoja vs No. 9 (Team Cejudo) Kai Kara-France

No. 13 (Team Cejudo)  Adam Antolin  vs No. 5 (Team Benavidez) Hiromasa Ogikubo

No.15 (Team Benavidez) Eric Shelton vs (Team Benavidez) No.7 Ronaldo Candido

No. 6 (Team Cejudo) Matt Schnell vs No.3 (Team Benavidez) Tim Elliott

Should be an interesting round of fights.


Kenai is a former Postmedia Network online news and sports editor. He is the Editor-in-Chief for MMA Crossfire.

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