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TUF 24 – Episode 9 thoughts

The coaches once again throw a little something for the fighters. Steaks and drinks, anyone?

Tim Elliot and Eric Shelton get into it a bit, after having a few too many.  Nothing too serious, fortunately.

No. 5 Hiromasa Ogikubo (Team Benavidez) takes on No.13 Adam Antolin (Team Cejudo), who surprised No.1 seed Damacio Page earlier.

Coach Henry Cejudo wants Antolin to keep the fight on the feet. Antolin’s back flared up, but he said he should be fine by the time of the fight. Nkiazimulo Zulu, who fought Hiromasa earlier, gives Antolin some pointers on what to look out for.

The boys have some fun teaching Hiromasa some English.

TUF 24
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Coach Joseph Benavidez thinks Hiromasa can win on the feet and definitely on the ground. Even though his English is limited, Hiromasa understands what needs to work on during training.

Hiromasa’s motivation for fighting is to give his family a better life. He wants to get the fight to the ground and work a submission.

The fighters bond together over a night of charades. But the weigh-ins loom.

Hiromasa weighs in at 125.5 pounds, while Antolin comes in at 124.75 pounds. Everything is all set.



Hiromasa takes the centre. Both fighters jockeying for position early.  Antolin scores an inside trip but Hiro turns into a takedown. Hiro working in Antolin’s guard. Hiro passes into half-guard. 3:20 left. Not much damage from Hiro, but he is controlling Antolin. Ref warns Hiro about blows to the back of the head. Antolin needs to get up, but he’s trapped. Hiro working an arm triangle, then gets full mount. 1:45 left. Antolin scrambles to the fence, but Hiro keeps working. He regains full mount and then tries for the rear-naked choke. But Antolin reverses tries to mount some offence in Hiro’s guard. Weak guillotine attempt by Antolin and the horn goes.

I give that round to Hiromasa.


An Antolin kick leads to another Hiromasa takedown. Antolin tries to wall walk and he does. But Hiro clinches with knees and a break. Antolin lands a left leg kick, and stuffs a takedown. Hiro scores another takedown just as Antolin is putting together some offence. He takes the back and stays when Antolin gets back. He lets it go and clings to Antolin. Antolin tried to peel Hiro off his back but Hiro drags him down again. Antolin gets up. 2:00 left. Antolin scores a takedown and tries to take the back, but Hiro is against the cage. Cejudo tries to bark instructions at Antolin. Hiro pins Antolin against the wall gets him down against the cage. Antolin wall-walks but Hiro keeps hanging on. Antolin gets up, Hiro tries for a submission and the horn goes.

I give that round to Hiromasa.


Antolin is obviously disappointed.

Hiromasa moves on to the third round. Next, Team Benavidez teammates No.15 Eric Shelton and No.7 Ronaldo Candido meet, while No. 6 Matt Schnell (Team Cejudo) and No. 3 Tim Elliott (Team Benavidez),  lock up.


Kenai is a former Postmedia Network online news and sports editor. He is the Editor-in-Chief for MMA Crossfire.

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