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Supermodel Sonya’s Hair Salon – Robyn Stuart

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Ever heard of a Bourbon Ball?

I hadn’t either, but Kentucky native Robyn Stuart makes them nearly every day.

You can find her at her company DB Bourbon Candy, sending her chocolate goodness to celebrities like Chris Tucker and Martin Lawrence, to making them for the Oscars and the Kentucky Derby.

While there are many candy companies in Kentucky, DB Bourbon Candy is believed to be the only African-American owned company in the state. What does the DB in the business name stand for? Stuart’s mother used to call her “doodlebug”.

But life is not always so sweet.

Robyn suffered a tragic loss in 2002. Her mother died, leaving her devastated by the loss. She grew up making Bourbon balls with her mother and continued the tradition, creating a hugely successful business. The candy exploded onto the market and was featured in gift bags for celebrities at the Oscars and Emmy Awards.

Robyn Stuart stops in for a chat at The Hair Salon.



Supermodel Sonya: What are some things that you do for fun?

Robyn Stuart: I enjoy going to see the Pittsburgh Steelers play. I love to paint and travel.

Supermodel Sonya: Is there a beauty product that you can not live without?

Robyn Stuart: MAC foundation.

Supermodel Sonya: What’s the worst hair advice you’ve ever received?

Robyn Stuart: My three year old playmate wanted to give me a hair cut and cut all my hair off. (Laughs)

Robyn Stuart

Supermodel Sonya: Lots of Black women wear weaves and wigs and are constantly criticized for it. Where do you fall on this controversy?

Robyn Stuart: I have done both. I wear wigs now. I was teased as a child for my hair a lot, but when I became a model and wore weaves and wigs, it no longer mattered. I wore my own natural hair as well. Do what makes you feel good. If that person doesn’t like it, then they are not for you.

Supermodel Sonya: In your line of business, what role does your style choices play?

Robyn Stuart: Not a lot with candy (Laughs). I try to stay out of it. However, when I have to be in front of the camera, I just try to look my best. My uncle Jackie Cunningham sews a lot of my gowns for formal events.

Robyn Stuart



Supermodel Sonya: Is there something that you’d like our readers to know about you?

Robyn Stuart: I’m just a hard-working woman, trying to honor my mother with the recipe that she left in my care. And you never know what path God has for you in your life. Just know that He’s got you!

Supermodel Sonya: Thank you Robyn for stopping by. If we woke up and found the world dipped in chocolate, I suspect that you would be behind it all.

Robyn Stuart: Thank you for having me Sonya.


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