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Episode 10 of TUF 24 will have two fights. Team Benavidez teammates No. 7 Ronaldo Candido and No.15 Eric Shelton will battle, while No.6 Matt Schnell of Team Cejudo and No. 3 Tim Elliott (Team Benavidez) hook up.

Dana White recaps the second round and Episode 9.

Joseph Benavidez brings in TJ Dillashaw as a guest coach for Candido and Shelton. Dillashaw competed on Season 14 of TUF and became a world champion, defeating Renan Barao.

Candido is confident in his boxing. Shelton is trying to “be in the moment,” and not worry about what Candido will bring to the cage.

Dillashaw observes Shelton is the more athletic fighter. Dana White thinks Candido’s BJJ game gives him the edge We’ll see.

Candido weighs in at 125.5 pounds. Shelton tips the scales at 125.75 pounds.

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They touch gloves. RC takes the centre. ES attacks first with a kick. Candido shoots against the cage, but ES defends. RC gets a quick takedown, but ES gets in some good elbows. ES continues to get in some shots and then reverses the position. 2:20 left.

Ref warns ES to work and then he gives RC a break to get up. They exchange and RC tries to shoot again, but ES stuffs it. RC lands some nice shots in an exchange, but gets stuffed for a takedown. ES feeling more confident, lands some strikes , misses some head kicks and the horn goes.

I give Round 1 to ES.


RC comes out aggressive but gets stuffed again. ES seems to be comfortable with RC’s takedown timing. RC gets a brief takedown but can’t do nothing with it. They trade spinning backlists and RC gets a grip near the cage. ES escapes and forces RC to back off with strikes to the ribs. 1:45 left. RC shoots again, stuffed. A lot of ES strikes seem to have found the range. Spinning backfist for ES lands. RC tries to respond. lands a shot but gets taken down. ES tries to rain down shots as the horn goes.

I give Round 2 to ES.


A disappointed Candido congratulates Eric Shelton.

Elliott is a natural southpaw but said he plans to fight right-handed until he has to switch. Schnell knows he can’t just sit back and watch Elliott.



Less than 5 seconds into the fight, MS lands a groin shot. TE takes some time and the bout continues. They both land some nice shots in an exchange against the cage. MS stuffs a takedown but then TE gets side control, but then MS threatens a triangle and armbar. Elliott escapes several times then starts working in MS’s guard. 2:10 left. Then TE unloads a front naked choke and MS taps.

Schnell is sad, but he did fight well.

The Round 3 brackets are now complete.

Team Benavidez members No. 3 Tim Elliott takes on No.15 Eric Shelton, while Team Cejudo’s No.1 Alexandre Pantoja takes on No.5 Hiromasa Ogikudo of Team Benavidez.


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