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TUF 24 – Episode 12 thoughts

We are at the final episode of TUF 24. It’s No.3 Tim Elliot vs No.5 Hiromasa Okibudo for a title shot the TUF 24 Finale Saturday night against champion Demetrious Johnson.

Tim Elliott talks to his family and Okibudo does the same. Both are proud of their families and it’s obvious the feeling is mutual.

Both Elliott and Okibudo make weight for the final.

Demetrious Johnson is invited to the fight



TE takes the centre. HO comes out with kicks. HO gets a quick takedown, but TE gets up quick. TE gets after it with strikes then a clinch and a break. TE connecting with strikes. TE gets in a knee while HO returns a kick. TE sticking and moving on the outside. HO wit a flurry, but TE gets a takedown with 3:10 remaining. HO gets up but TE landed a few strikes in guard. TE gets another takedown in an exchange but HO gets up and it turns into a clinch and a break. HO striking aggressively but whiffing most of them. TE stuffs a takedown. HO connects on a strike and kick, but single shots. The strikes seem designed for takedowns, and HO gets one with 1:35 remaining. HO working in TE’s guard. TE gets up with 42 seconds remaining and they trade.  TE gets a takedown near the cage. HO goes for a guillotine but TE pops up and the horn ends with TE trying to rain shots on HO.

I give that round to Tim Elliott.


TE on the outside. TE quickly gets a trip that leads to a takedown. TE working in HO’s guard. TE on the outside moving like Dominic Cruz, but HO gets a takedown. TE gets up quick and they trade. HO with another takedown attempt but TE stuffs it and tries a crucifix which HO reverses, but TE escapes. TE gets a takedown. TE controlling HO but HO reverse and gets up. TE gets HO down again and takes the back. TE tries for the RNC but HO defending well. HO reverses and tries a guillotine choke with 1:08 remaining, but TE powers out . HO tries another guillotine but TE pops up in HO’s guard. with 40 seconds left, TE in control with strikes and choke attempts as the horn goes.

I give that round to Tim Elliott.


They touch gloves. TE with a kick and HO tries for a takedown, but TE reverses into a Kimora attempt. TE elbows HO’s elbow. Looks funny typing it, but that’s what he did.  TE controlling HO, HO trying to scramble but TE gets the back and then full mount. HO scrambling, but TE matches getting the back again and looking for the RNC. 1:54 remaining. HO gets up and takes TE’s back. HO latches on to TE’s back. TE tries to wait it out. TE then tires to loosen HO’s grip but it doesn’t work. HO gets off with 17 seconds left. The horn goes with HO trying to choke out TE.

I give that round to Tim Elliott.


Tim Elliott is the TUF 24 winner. He wins two Harley Motorcycles, one for himself and one for his father, plus a title shot against champion Demetrious Johnson at the TUF 24 Finale Dec. 3.

Okibudo is not proud of his performance, but he shouldn’t be. He fought great throughout the season.

The coaches square off and quite frankly, Benavidez once again gets the better of it.

Now, it’s on to the Saturday’s TUF 24 Finale.


Kenai is a former Postmedia Network online news and sports editor. He is the Editor-in-Chief for MMA Crossfire.

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