32-year-old women’s bantamweight Anna Elmose (3-2-0) took to social media Dec. 8 to announce her retirement from mixed martial arts.

Elmose leaves the UFC with an 0-2-0 record. She had three stoppage victories prior in various other MMA organizations.

“Panda” chalked up the decision to step away to losing her “fighter heart.” in her last fight, a decision loss to Amanda Bobby Cooper at UFC Fight Night 99.

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Elmose posted the following on Instagram.

I'm retiring as a fighter. I've understood, that I no longer have the necessary desire, will to win or hunger to compete. I have no excuses for my performance against Amanda Cooper. I've never been in better shape, I had awesome sparring and the weight cut went according to plan. I simply couldn't get my pulse up, didn't feel any kind of adrenalin rush and basically felt content. When I entered the Octagon in Belfast, I didn't get any kind of buzz at all. I just felt flat, and it was weird to experience, because I didn't understand it at first. But when I knocked my opponent down, and I didn't get the rush to finish the fight, as I usually do, I knew that my edge and desire simply was gone. I honestly had no idea until the fight, that I have lost my "fighter heart", and I really didn't see it coming. I apologize to all I've let down, but I don't have it in me anymore. I live a very good life now, and I've realized, that I don't have anything to fight for anymore. At the age of 32, other aspects of life now make more sense to me, but I don't regret a thing. I'd like to thank the UFC for giving me the chance to perform at the biggest stage in Martial Arts, and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. What an adventure it has been! Intensiti Fighter Management gave me dreamlike opportunities, and I'll always be grateful for their treatment of me as an athlete. I can't praise my management enough. The team at Rumble Sports took me from being a chubby hobby-kickboxer to an elite MMA-fighter in only three years. Thank you to everyone, who helped shape me as a fighter. The panda is no longer endangered and it's time for new dreams and adventures.

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Elmose did not specifically mention what she plans to pursue next, it would not be a surprise if it is MMA-related.