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Happy Holidays 2016: Athletes and entertainers come together to share holiday plans

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Crossfire Nation.

Crossfire Vault – Happy Holidays 2017

Crossfire Vault – Happy Holidays 2016

Crossfire Vault – Happy Holidays 2015

Crossfire Vault – Happy Holidays 2014

Crossfire Vault – Happy Holidays 2013

This is our annual Christmas story. Over the years, The Crossfire has checked in with athletes, recording artists, actors and comedians to see what they are doing for the holidays.

In the past, some celebrities have been fortunate to recieve a pony (Erin Murphy) for Christmas, while many are just like us – enjoying some quality time with the family. Still others have dealt with the challenges of life (Edouard Gheur). As mentioned in previous iterations, this is not a prim and proper piece. We’d like to thank our contributors for their candid thoughts for the New Year and sharing of their holiday season.

We start in the music studio in Nashville, where Canadian country music Michelle Wright is currently in the preliminary stages of recording a new project, slated for mid-2017.

Michelle Wright

Crossfire readers keeping score remember our conversation with Wright in 2013 and her Christmas wishes in 2015, but this time, Wright checks in directly from the studio.

Some of these songs (some of which will be recorded in Canada) are being created for Wright’s 2017 South African music safari. She’s inviting her fans to come along with her to check out the sounds and sights with her personal musical touch. Save us a seat Michelle?

Next, we move on to Florida, where this female featherweight fighter visited our Supermodel Sonya’s Hair Salon earlier this year.

Be on the lookout for The Ace of Spades. To think, Jade, who trains out of Florida’s Full Afflicion MMA Vale-Tudo, was first featured in our follow section of The Andrews Report back in June! Let’s see what happens for her in 2017.

We travel north of the border, back to Canada and a visit with Bracebridge’s welterweight champion, comedian Tyler Morrison. Crossfire readers will remember our amusing conversation and our back and forth on Twitter during UFC pay-per-views.

Morrison continues to tear up the comedy circuit, recently opening for Corner Gas star Brent Butt.  He will be appearing at the Chrysler Theatre in Windsor Dec. 27, and the Chatham Capitol Theatre Dec. 29, and then a three day set at Yuk Yuk’s in Mississauga, Jan. 5 – 7.

It’s been quite a year for Englishman actor Reece Dry. He was honoured earlier this year with a Pride of Coventry award and in speaking to him, 2017 should be another productive year.

Dry is one of those up-and-coming stars realizing his potential, while lending a helping hand. We appreciate him checking in from the Madeira Islands, just southwest of Portugal.

In fact, Dry is big on up-and-coming reggae artist I-Noah, who is based in Jamaica.

2017 has never gone 16 bars before, I-Noah. Take ’em good.

We leave you from the fighting state of Texas and our good friend, actress Laura Carretero, who like Dry has a lot on her plate in the upcoming year.

She is involved in a “major” movie project that she cannot talk about at the moment. Of course, you know we will try get the details on that as soon as we can.

Happy Holidays!


Kenai is a former Postmedia Network online news and sports editor. He is the Editor-in-Chief for MMA Crossfire.

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