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Breaking the MMA Lens – A new venture

I have been away for some time.

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Although I’m still photographing MMA events, my time has been limited due to a new venture. Over the past nine months or so, I’ve gotten into movie production as a director. My company Tin Mirror Productions has produced a short film “Quality Control,” which has received very good reviews.

We are now in production of our second film, a full length feature entitled “Three Doors from Paradise.”

Although directing movies is quite different from photography, there are some similarities. I take much of what I do as a fight photographer and apply it to the screen. The lighting, composition and mood are all inspired by being ringside at the fights. Moving and shooting quickly at an MMA event also makes it easier to shoot when you are mapping out scene ahead of time.

I’ve always used available light in any photography I do. Rarely a flash or artificial lighting. This is different in a movie. The lighting must be planned out well in advance. This takes some getting used to. It isn’t always easy to make it look natural. This is true with all aspects of making a movie.

We are shooting on a Red One Mysterium-X for this coming film. Movies you’ve seen on the big screen have been shot on this camera. Very exciting.

We recently held casting calls and had auditions. We are very extremely happy with the cast. Locations are being finalized and the script is being blocked (planning out and illustrating where the camera, actors, lights etc. go). We’re having pre-production meetings with the crew and cast and we are almost ready to go.

I will keep you posted on our progress.

Happy shooting.

Before I go, one more review of “Quality Control.”


Joe LoBianco
Joe LoBianco
Joe LoBianco writes the photography column Breaking the MMA Lens for MMA Crossfire. New columns on the 1st and 15th of each month.

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