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Supermodel Sonya’s Hair Salon – ONE Championship atomweight champion Angela Lee

February finds ONE Championship atomweight titleholder Angela “Unstoppable” Lee (6-0-0) in a state of preparation.

MMA is a family affair for the charismatic 20-year-old, who fights at 115 pounds and trains with Evolve MMA in Singapore and her father’s United MMA in Hawaii. Lee is coming off an exciting 2016 that culminated in winning the belt in one of the most exciting fights of last year.

Taking some time to enjoy the journey – which included visiting family in Canada over the holidays – Lee is back in beast mode, training and promoting her upcoming defence against undefeated Taiwan contender Jenny Huang (5-0-0) at ONE: Warrior Kingdom Mar. 11 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Lee took some time from her promotional stop in Bangkok to pay a quick visit to The Hair Salon.


Angela Lee

Supermodel Sonya: Welcome to the Hair Salon, Angela. Was there a transition period from winning the belt and enjoying it to focusing on the title defence and preparing?

Angela Lee: Yes. After the holidays – I actually spent the holidays with my family in Canada. It was on that trip that I actually found about the fight, my first title defence, so as soon as we got back from that trip after the new year, we switched gears right away. We started preparing for a full fight camp.

But during this whole time, I am still training and things, but when you have a goal, a date, that’s when things start to get pretty real.

Supermodel Sonya: Every fighter likes to look good away from the cage. Are there any kind of looks that you particularly like when going out on the town, or with your boyfriend?

Angela Lee: Well, for me, it’s … of course, outside of training, my hair is usually up in a ponytail or bun all the time, but of course I like to look good if I’m going out for special occassions. I’ll take the time do my hair up, whether it’s straightening it, letting it down. I’m not too specialized in this area (Laughs), but when I’m out fashion-wise, I guess I like to wear shorts or jeans with a nice top. Or I’ll throw on a dress or something, something simple. I don’t think I focus too much on it. Being a girl, I like to shop and try on different outfits.

It’s weird, people will see me without fightwear and they’ll look at me like, ‘She’s like a regular girl,’ but and then I tell them I’m a professional fighter and then they’ll look at me with this perplexed look on their face. Like, “Get out of here, stop lying.” (Laughs). It’s funny to have all these different looks and being able to change it up, so definitely enjoy that part as well.

Supermodel Sonya: It sounds like you prefer the more casual look.

Angela Lee: Definitely, yeah. I don’t think I’m too glam or too diva …

Supermodel Sonya: What products do you find you can’t live without?

Angela Lee: I love lotions and sprays, because after training I don’t really like to … I just to love to take care of my skin, my body. So, lotion and body sprays, that’s pretty much it.

Supermodel Sonya: Are there any particular brands that you prefer?

Angela Lee: Not really, I kind of just pick up any kind of brand. If it smells good, then I like it.

Supermodel Sonya: How long does it take for your hair to grow back after a haircut?

Angela Lee: Um, I don’t really know. I don’t really keep track too much (Laughs). I mean, I had long hair before, it was pretty long, but it kept getting in the way when I was training and I have thick hair. It’s always heavy and things … So I cut it kind of short, like up to my shoulder. Since then, it’s been a couple of months and I think its grown pretty fast.

Supermodel Sonya: Okay. Let’s say Baskin Robbins or Ben & Jerry’s or one of those big ice cream companies came to you and asked for a new flavour. What would you give them?

Angela Lee: Oh my goodness! (Laughs). I’m a bit excited. I would give them a mix of vanilla-base, with some caramel, and like salt-and-pretzel pieces, and maybe toffee, and I would mix it all together I would call it Twister flavour. (Laughs)

Supermodel Sonya: (Laughs). I love ice cream too.

Angela Lee: I get really excited when I talk about food, so you kind of just hit a soft spot for me. A completely unexpected question, but I loved it.

Supermodel Sonya: Who are some fighters that you consider fashionable, meaning that win or lose, they always seem to have their look down in the cage or at press conferences?

Angela Lee: Honestly, the style and fashion of fighters is not something I focus on. I think what’s more important is their skill and ability to perform inside the cage. Because no matter how well-dressed, you’re only truly  relevant if you are winning and in an impressive way at that.

Supermodel Sonya: Well, we really appreciate you stopping by Angela. We know you’re so busy. All the best in your upcoming title defence.

Angela Lee: Thank you for having me Sonya.


Editor’s Note: Check out our special features on Angela Lee and Jenny Huang during ONE: Warrior Kingdom fight week (March 6-11).

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