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The Andrews Report – ONE Championship atomweight Jenny Huang

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ONE Championship’s Warrior Kingdom card takes place this Saturday Mar. 11 in Bangkok, Thailand. Crossfire readers keeping score remember last Sunday’s special report with atomweight champion Angela Lee (6-0-0) talking about her title defence against Taiwan’s Jenny Huang (5-0-0).

Today, we focus on challenger Jenny Huang as she shares her thoughts on the fight.

Note: This conversation has been edited for brevity.

Jenny Huang

Kenai Andrews: Is there anything different that you are doing training wise in preparing for Angela like bringing in different training partners or focusing on striking?

Jenny Huang: Before I always trained just in Taiwan, Taipei, but for this fight, this time I train in China with some different top fighters. I just train with them and I focus on everything, not just my striking, not just my takedowns, Jiu-Jitsu, everything. Because I know for this fight I have to focus on everything, not just one thing.

Kenai Andrews: What did you learn about yourself from your last fight with April Osenio?

Jenny Huang: I learned a lot. Be patient in my fight, because if you really want to punch or do something you can’t control it, but you must always have patience. I know what I am going to do and believe in myself. I knew I would beat her and really, I did.

Kenai Andrews: Were you surprised at how the fight went?

Jenny Huang: Not really. I knew I would submission her, but I didn’t know I would do Gogoplata.

Kenai Andrews: How long did you train for this fight?

Jenny Huang: Six hours (a day) and three times (per day), morning, afternoon and night. Yes,  because I know I have to go really hard for this fight.

ONE Championship

Kenai Andrews: Talk About Angela Lee. What did you think of her performance against Mei Yamaguchi?

Jenny Huang: I saw that fight on live TV and it was a really great female kind of fight. Angela is young and Yamaguchi is more experienced and they both tried to go really hard for what they want. And they show everybody all the things they know. I wish I can do that also in this fight. Also, I think they inspired many women.

Kenai Andrews: I’ve read that some of your hobbies include music and the piano. What is your favourite song or piece that you like to play or hear played on the piano?

Jenny Huang: I don’t have a favourite song, it depends on my emotions. If I’m happy, I play happy song. I like any kind of style of song.

Kenai Andrews: Would you consider yourself a good piano player?

Jenny Huang: No, just happy (Laughs).

Kenai Andrews: After submitting April, you tapped her on the knee in a show of respect and did a victory pose that reminded me of Chun Li’s victory pose in the video game Street Fighter. Are you a fan of Street Fighter or Chun Li?

Chun Li
Chun Li. Courtesy Street Fighter Wiki.

Jenny Huang: Yes. I like Chun Li because she’s unique and she’s really famous. She inspired so many people not just women, not just people who play video games, but everyone who likes martial arts. I want to be like her; unique style. I want to have my own style.

Kenai Andrews: What are your thoughts on the city of Bangkok, Thailand?

Jenny Huang: I really like there. I went there before for a Jiu-Jitsu tournament and went to many places there. I have amazing memories of Bangkok. It’s a little like my hometown of Taipei so I feel comfortable there.

Kenai Andrews: A lot of eyes will be watching this fight. How do you deal with the pressure of performing?

Jenny Huang: When I feel pressure I just change to my power. I want to show everyone good, so I just train hard, train hard and go for it. I don’t want to let myself … Don’t think too much.

Kenai Andrews: Thanks for speaking to us Jenny. Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?

Jenny Huang: I just want to say thank you for supporting me and I will show everyone who Jenny Huang is.

EDITOR’S NOTE: ONE: Warrior Kingdom takes place Saturday Mar. 11 at the Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand. Check out our conversation with Jenny Huang’s opponent, atomweight champion Angela Lee.


Kenai is a former Postmedia Network online news and sports editor. He is the Editor-in-Chief for MMA Crossfire.

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