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Supermodel Sonya’s Hair Salon – The Prom Queen Part 2: Saying ‘Yes’ to the dress

Editor’s Note: Supermodel Sonya’s daughter, Layla Wade, shares Part 2 of her 2017 Prom Queen experience. Part One is available here.

Nominations are today and I’m nervous.

I turned out to be the only one that came up with posters to cover the school. I guess no other student had the foresight. I’m still patiently waiting for the decision as to me being a nominee for Prom Queen for the class of 2017.

I bought the dress. Yes. I bought the perfect dress. Will I reveal it to you?


I decided not to. However, as a tease, I will reveal my date’s formalwear to you.

Supermodel Sonya

We went for an informal look. Last year, I accompanied my date to his Senior Prom in 2016. He was much more formal that year, complete with tuxedo and bow tie. This year, he decided that he wanted to be more comfortable with fitted pants and a velvet textured jacket. Loafers complete the leisurely look, sans the Bugs Bunny t-shirt.

Supermodel Sonya

Let’s just say that my look will complement his. Compared to his easy going look, I’m going complete opposite. I’m going ultra Hollywood glam. I’m pulling out all the stops and going out in my senior year with a bang!

Drama, drama, drama will ensue with my hair and makeup style choices. My hair? I’m looking for a dramatic bob with a deep side part. My makeup? No sweat! I made an appointment at my local MAC cosmetic counter with instructions to my artist to make sure I don’t look like the same girl who sat down in the chair just 40 minutes before.

Accessories? Since I’m going with one color for my dress and shoes, my accessories will add a needed pop of color.

I can’t wait for all this to happen although I will be sad. It’s all kind of bittersweet. I’m going to college in the Fall and it will be a little sad to know that it will all be over soon. However, it’s incredibly exciting. As a child, you sit around and watch things happen to other people. You see them accomplishing their dreams and live their lives how they want to, but you’re still a child and you don’t have that many responsibilities.

Now I feel as if life is starting for me and that’s always exciting.

Prom Queen Updates

So, it’s already Day 90 and I still don’t know if I’m a nominee for Prom Queen. There is a young lady that is running for Prom King with her girlfriend for Prom Queen. I fully support them as running mates and believe in what they are doing. However, it is holding up the principal from announcing who won nominations. So for now, I don’t know if I’m in the running.

I was hoping to have that update now so that the next piece can focus totally on the Prom. But that’s going to have to wait. So as soon as it’s announced, I’ll update you guys, so stay tuned.

Hair and Accessories

I want to bring the drama with my hair and I’ve decided on a bob with a deep side part.

I want to bring everything with my hair and accessories. I haven’t completely decided what I want to do as far as accessories. Pinterest is a great app that I’m using a lot. I get ideas looking at different possibilities. That’s what makes this fun for me. Prom is one of few times in my life where I’ll be able to show off my personality and express who I really am through my choices.

Besides, my mother didn’t get a chance to go to Prom due to a truly tragic circumstance in her life. I want to be able to do what my Mom couldn’t. I plan on having a memorable night with my friends and loved ones.

In the next series, I plan on revealing everything!

Will I be nominated Prom Queen? What dress did I choose? Stay tuned for the third and last installment in this series, which will be packed with pictures and information.

See you soon!


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