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The Clubb Report – Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury predictions

Deontay Wilder (40-0-0, 39 KOs) defends his WBC heavyweight title against lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (27-0-0, 19 KOs) Saturday Dec. 1. On paper, it looks to be one of the best heavyweight matches in years.

The heavyweight division has been suffering in recent years, lacking exciting fights. However, Wilder vs. Fury has people talking.

Wilder, 33, is a big, wild, hard-hitting “Bronze Bomber” in contrast to the quick, slick, 30 year old Tyson “Gypsy King” Fury. The winner could set up a payday with Anthony Joshua (22-0-0, 21 KOs).  Unsurprisingly, Joshua’s management have been carefully protecting their investment.

Fury has an opportunity here for redemption after overcoming drug abuse, suspensions, suicide attempts, and depression (in which his weight ballooned to 400 pounds). His comeback is based on a challenge that he heard from Wilder from an interview he heard or read about, which he internalized as a challenge to make a comeback.

Wilder has a lot to lose here, but an impressive win over Fury will likely set up the money fight with Joshua.

The fight will be live-streamed through Showtime for $74.99. A lot of dough, but worth it in my opinion.

Let’s break the fight down

Deontay Wilder “The Bronze Bomber”

Deontay Wilder

Orthodox boxer (Right handed)
Height: 6’7″
Weight: 214 lbs.
Age: 33 yrs old
Reach: 83″ inches. Record: 40 – 0, 39 KO’s.
Home City & Country: Tascaloosa, Alabama, United States of America.
2008 Bronze Olympic Boxer is the USA.
Notable bouts/opponents: Luis Ortiz, Bermane Stiveene

Tyson Fury “The Gypsy King”

Tyson Fury

Orthodox boxer (Right handed)
Height: 6’9″
Weight: 258lbs,
Age: 30 yrs old
Reach: 85″ inches.
Record: 27 – 0, 19 KO’s
Home City & Country: Manchester, UK.
Notable bouts/opponents: (Win over) Wladimir Klitschko


I expect the first round to go to Mr. Fury will be cautious and calculating. Wilder, I expect him to come up looking to establish his overhand right as soon as he can. Fury has the experience and skill factor so I expect him to establish his jab with his head movement and footwork. Jabs, double jabs, pulling back and away, overhand rights. I anticipate Fury talking to Wilder in the clinches to get inside his head. Wilder will react emotionally, feeding Fury’s strategy. But Wilder is dangerous, and while the critics say all he needs is one punch but against Fury, Deontay needs a bit more.

Tyson Fury

In the mid-rounds, where I expect this fight could potentially end if one of the two giants land something big. Wilder has the  overhand right, but Fury has more weapons, plus the ability to control the ring with his footwork and create odd angles. In the clinch, Fury will keep getting inside Wilder’s head, frustrating him. Ultimately the deeper the fight goes, the worse for Wilder as he has not gone the distant with anyone. Fury has fought better opponents despite his inactivity from the ring.

If the fight goes the twelve rounds, I would give it to Fury, as I expect him to be much more strategic with his combinations, jabbing high and low with a mean cross behind them, then back-stepping away from Wilder’s big overhand right. Fury’s psychological game will overcame Wilder’s power game.

Clubb Prediction: Tyson Fury via UD


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