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UFC 232: Cris Cyborg congratulates Amanda Nunes, thanks fans, looks forward to rematch

UFC 232  belonged to Amanda Nunes (17-4-0) as she scored an impressive 51-second TKO of Cris Cyborg (20-2-0, 1NC) in the co-main event. But Cyborg revealed she did not get a chance to speak with Joe Rogan afterwards because she was kicked out of the cage by UFC staff.

The loss was the first since 2005 for Cyborg. Speaking calmly with her trademark passion to reporters in the post fight press conference, the former UFC featherweight champ clarified a UFC official “kicked me out the cage. Very bad, very disrespectful because I did a lot for this sport. I was supposed to hello to my fans and talk to them … I feel like I was supposed to say something.”

When asked for her emotions after the fight, Cyborg took comfort in knowing she did her best to prepare.

“You know, in the beginning when I did my first MMA fight, I lost my first fight,” she explained to reporters. “I trained three months, six months I think, I started to train MMA, I did my first fight and I lost. And after this day, I trained harder, harder, harder, and I stayed 13 years undefeated. I never said I was going to be invincible. I’m never going to lose, I never said that. I just work hard. I did everything for this fight. I trained hard. I did everything I could. My team did everything. And if it happens today’s not my day, I lost, it happens. It’s the fight game.

“It’s not the first time I lost. It’s not the last time I’m going to lose. It happens,” Cyborg continued. “It’s the fight game. I’m here, doing the interview. Of course, I’m not happy. Of course, I had my heart broke. But I’m not going to cry. Because I did everything. I trained really hard. And if today is Amanda’s day, she did her best and she won. I’m going to go back to my gym and train harder acvvhnfnd come back. Because this is my job. Everybody has bad day on the job.”

Cyborg confirmed she would like a rematch with Nunes and questioned the best ever status currently being attributed to her, pointing to the four losses on her record and a lack of rematching them. She did not comment much on the fight itself, saying that needed to watch the fight. And that her goals of a boxing career will continue. But ultimately, the conference was about her fans, nicknamed “Cyborg Nation.”

“I deserved to talk in the cage after the fight, this is what I deserve. After the fight, I lost, okay. Then give me the microphone so I can talk to my fans. Because when I get out, everybody crying. I don’t want my fans crying. I would say the belt is a symbol for me. It is most important in my heart to be a champion in the hearts of people. Make the difference. This is what I fight for.”

UFC president Dana White and Nunes seemed cool to the question of an immediate rematch speaking with reporters.

For now, we’ll have to see what happens.


Kenai is a former Postmedia Network online news and sports editor. He is the Editor-in-Chief for MMA Crossfire.

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