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Bey Logan’s Vixen delivers action from a female perspective

Want to Die Harder?

Vixen is an action thriller movie that flips the script on the Die Hard genre.

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Li Ran plays Sunny, a female Chinese executive who is treated with kid gloves by most of her male colleagues, especially Mr. Cassidy (Jared Robinsen), the brash cowboy diplomacy American who is all bark but no bite. The locked-down complex is infiltrated by Bendza (Luc Bendza) and his team, who take the executives hostage while looking for a special diamond. Well, almost all of the executives.


Directed by Ross W. Clarkson, the movie proceeds at a good pace with good heaps of suspense. The fight scenes, while not quite as elaborate as Logan’s other movies like Lady Detective Shadow, are effective. There are also some good subplots like Sunny’s disconnected relationship with ex-boyfrend Ah Ming (Yang Yang) and Bendza’s cronies, who have various levels of loyalty to their mission.

The dialogue is peppered with a lot of irony and clever humour. Can you spot the cameos of producers Bey Logan and James Nan?

Most important is that Sunny makes us care about her and her situation and we see her transition from a meek executive who finds herself quickly and grows into a cunning, confident badass.

Bendza is played well and quickly earns your respect as an intelligent no-nonsense strongman. One of the ironies is that he respects Sunny and her abilities much more quickly than the “good guys.”

Respect is one of the main themes of the movie. Sunny spends most of the movie trying to earn it, but she is also forced to confront some pent-up disrespect of her own.

The music is careful not to overpower the scenes.

Vixen pays homage to the movie Die Hard, in more ways than one. The movie is distributed by Darkcoast and is now available on digital streaming platforms like Amazon, DirecTV, AT&T, FlixFling, Vudu, Vimeo on Demand, XBOX, Sony, Google Play, and FANDANGO + Sling/Dish.

It’s definitely worth grabbing some popcorn and checking out.

Crossfire Rating:        out of 5


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