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Watch: Claressa Shields vs. Ivana Habazin press conference

Watch the fireworks!

Undisputed women’s middleweight champion Clarissa Shields (9-0-0, 2 KOs) and former welterweight champion Ivana Habazin (20-3-0 8 KOs) exchanged more than pleasantries at the New York pre-fight press conference Tuesday.

Habazin took to the microphone to declare that she “does not think about” Shields, which prompted Shields to confidently explain she will win.

“She can say whatever she wants, but you know what, talk is cheap, and on Friday night she ain’t going to do anything, because I’m going to knock her out,”  – Ivana Habazin


She also Shields defended her lack of knockout victories, while doubling down on her previous prediction of a knockout win Saturday at the Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

If that wasn’t enough, Shields had some words for current UFC bantamweight and featherweight champion Amanda Nunes.

“Once the fight is over, she’s going to be a blast from the past. They won’t be talking about the incident in Flint. They may remember it, but her? They won’t even remember her name after I beat her down on Friday.” – Claressa Shields

Check it out below.

Shields and Habazin fight Saturday night in the main event for the vacant WBC and WBO light middleweight titles on Showtime.

The card kicks off with a female middleweight unification world title bout. WBA super middleweight champion Alicia Napoleon-Espinosa (12-1-0, 7 KOs) will face IBF super middleweight champion Elin Cedderros (7-0-0, 4 KOs) for the unified super middleweight title.

The main card starts at 9 p.m. ET.

@kenaiandrews Watch: Claressa Shields vs. Ivana Habazin press conference


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