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The Crossfire @ 10: Top 10 stories from 2010-2020

For our 10th anniversary, MMA Crossfire Editor-in-Chief Kenai Andrews looks back at the top 10 most popular stories, as determined by our readers.

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From thousands of stories, we focus on the top 10, from 2010 to 2020:

10 – Supermodel Sonya’s Hair Salon – Bern Nadette Stanis

Bern Nadette Stanis
BernNadette Stanis. Photo courtesy Newscom.

Andrews: Bern is well-known for her acting, so I’m not surprised to see her on the list. Here, she shares some insights on her mother, and haircare which tends to interest our female readers.

9 – Jason Bourne’s Roger Yuan opens up on fight scenes, working with Matt Damon

Roger Yuan

Andrews: This is one of my favourite stories. Yuan was personable and I think that reflected in the story. I’m also pleased that the story was shared with his peers at the Stunt Guild Ireland.

8 – Running the Ropes – Finding Emmanuela

Running the Ropes

Andrews: Jaime’s charismatic story came out in 2015, but it continues to garner interest.

7 – Exclusive: Sharon Collier on Edouard ‘Papa Spyk’ Gheur’s passing

Eduardo Gheur

Andrews: This was an exclusive 2016 interview, done right after Spyk’s passing. We scooped all of the media in U.K. with this one and the other. I remember Sharon’s composed, but obviously emotional tone. I think she knew we wanted to tell her and Spyk’s story respectfully, which was why she granted the interview.

6- Manny Pacquiao makes lifetime dream comes true for Cambodia’s first female fighter

Tharoth Sam
Photo courtesy Robert Lyons.

Andrews: Cambodian fighter and actress Tharoth Sam’s story. This particular story is No. 6, but when you combine our coverage on her,  it’s probably much higher. One of those stories that has a global appeal.

5 – Kids from FAME aim to reunite for 2019 U.K. Reunion

FAME UK reunion

Andrews: A lot of U.K. readers were interested in this one and they came from everywhere. I don’t think a lot of MMA fans were into this one, but it didn’t matter because the FAME community took the story and ran with it.

4 – The Super Genie Diary – The road to The House of Hardcore

Super Genie Diary

Andrews: Super Genie appeals to wrestling fans who like MMA and vice-versa. All of Genie’s stuff is a pretty intimate read as she shares life on the road. This was another wild trip.

3 – Locked Up Abroad – Shaun Attwood’s cautionary tale of ecstasy

Shaun Attwood

Andrews: Attwood is a global celebrity now, but I spoke to him back in 2013 and our conversation is still one of the most thorough. But don’t take my word for it, read the story and see for yourself.

2 – FAME costs part II: Erica Gimpel talks love, life and loss

Courtesy Erica Gimpel

Andrews: Erica and her story, really helped us solidify The Crossfire. A lot of celebs and personalities connected with us after this series. It is one of my favourite stories, mostly because of the way it came together and the friendship it established.

1 – ‘His life was his daughter:’ Edouard ‘Papa Spyk’ Gheur, dead at 53

Eduardo Gheur

Andrews: A story of a rugged man who lived life to its fullest. This story needed no promotion and four years later, it continues to be our readers all-time favourite.


Age is only a number for 63-year-old boxer Heather “KO” Alonzo

Heather Alonzo

Andrews: You don’t see 63-year-old boxers everyday. I think Alonzo exemplifies what many of us want to be: Forever young and boxing.


Kenai is a former Postmedia Network online news and sports editor. He is the Editor-in-Chief for MMA Crossfire.

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