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MMA Crossfire at 10: Top 10 Kimura Moments

Which is your favourite Kimura Moment?

As MMA Crossfire celebrates its 10th anniversary this week, Editor-in-Chief Kenai Andrews looks back at 10 Kimura Moment cartoons that made an impact.

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Quick, name three (3) MMA websites or blogs, besides MMA Crossfire, that have a cartoonist.

Now while you’re thinking about that, think about this.

We’d like to acknowledge a recent reader submission, sent in by 13-year-old Crossfire Nation member @harmeet_drawings on Instagram. It’s a drawing of 2021 Olympian and Indian wrestler Vinesh Phogat.

Vinesh Phogat

2021 Olympian and Indian wrestler Vinesh Phogat.

Harmeet was recently accepted into an accredited scholastic drawing program and it’s clear from her Instagram account that she has the talent to build a career.

Keep at it and success always, Harmeet.

Koriander Bullard has been drawing Kimura Moment cartoons for The Crossfire since 2017. She is also an author of the Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter anime series of books, among other things. Here are 10 Kimura Moments that made an impact online.

Andrews: Even though Koriander has been with us a short time, her cartoons have made The Crossfire more visible in that short time. I appreciate Koriander’s ability to understand what is needed and then to go out and create it and add things that I might not have anticipated. And, she dares to be different. My personal favourite examples are the Tony Ferguson T2 cartoon, the Cris Cyborg, and Houston Hurricane Harvey drawings. Cris immediately used that Cyborg drawing as her Instagram avatar and that right away showed me that Koriander had the ability to connect.

I look forward to many more in 2020.

@kenaiandrews MMA Crossfire at 10: Top 10 Kimura Moments

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Kenai is a former Postmedia Network online news and sports editor. He is the Editor-in-Chief for MMA Crossfire.
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