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‘Surviving Bokator’ picks up honourary mention award at Milano International FICTS Festival

Feature documentary continues to rack up honours

Surviving Bokator, the 2018 Cambodian documentary which explores the country’s national martial art of Bokator, has picked up another award.

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The documentary won the Honourary Mention award at the 38th Milano International FICTS ( Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs) Festival’s World FICTS Challenge.

Competing against 970 films submitted by 20 international sports festivals, Surviving Bokator was specifically recognized in the “Sport & Society – Sport Values Education and Culture – Feature Category.”

“For us the filmmakers, Surviving Bokator has been more than just a film, it has been a tremendous journey, and we are honoured to play our small role in contributing toward Cambodia’s cultural revival,” director Mark Boschler said in a press release. “Achieving this World Championship award at the IOC level, is an unbelievable milestone. We are truly
grateful to the FICTS* Festival awards selection committee for recognizing the importance our film has in promoting its values and its unique contribution to sport cinema.”

“Your film Surviving Bokator – like the motto of the Federation “FICTS Is Culture Through Sport” – has managed to unite these priceless values,” FICTS General Secretary Enzo Capiello added. “Especially in having been able to highlight, through  exciting filmmaking, the history of a nation like Cambodia claiming its cultural identity and national  pride… this is an invaluable heritage for present and future generations and should be celebrated and  disseminated as part of the cultural history of humanity.”

Canadian filmmakers Mark Boschler and producer Sandra Leuba share the award in conjunction with the The National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC), the Cambodian Kun Bokator Federation, and Cineboxx Film & Television Inc, Canada.

Surviving Bokator is being made available online until January 2021 in select North American and European regions. There will also be planned post-pandemic theatrical and community screenings.

The film will be released nationally in Cambodia to select cinemas post-pandemic 2021, to coincide with the anticipated UNESCO granting Bokator World Intangeable Culture Heritage status.


Kenai is a former Postmedia Network online news and sports editor. He is the Editor-in-Chief for MMA Crossfire.

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