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Undefeated Cage Warriors flyweight champion Jake Hadley ‘shocked’ the UFC hasn’t signed him

'I can beat the top 15 right now'

Cage Warriors flyweight world champion Jake Hadley (7-0-0) has a message for UFC matchmakers Sean Shelby, Mick Maynard, and president Dana White.

Sign me.

Hadley, 24, won the Cage Warriors title on Dec. 10 at Cage Warriors 117, defeating Luke Shanks in a grappling clinic which resulted in a convincing unanimous decision victory.

Hadley is also the current flyweight world champion of the South African promotion, EFC Worldwide.

“No, the UFC hasn’t reached out to me yet,” Hadley confirmed in a conversation on TKO Countdown to hosts Kenai Andrews and Noel Clubb. “To be completely honest, I’m quite shocked, really. I know I’ve only had seven fights, but I you look at the calibre of the last four guys I’ve beaten, three of them was world champions at the time I beat them. And another one of the guys I beat was one of the top flyweight in U.K. and Europe. The last five, six, seven years he’s been one of the top guys out there.

“I’ve fought on Bellator already, as well,” Hadley added. “To be honest, I’m only 7-0 it was a shock to me I haven’t heard nothing yet. But if I don’t hear anything, I’ll just take another fight and just keep fighting and (give) more reasons for the UFC to sign me. I’m out here and beating the best guys there is. Obviously Luke was the best guy in Europe, apart from myself, he was No. 2 at the time I beat him …”

‘White Kong’ made sure to emphasize that he’s not sitting around waiting for the UFC to pick him up.

‘So I thought they would sign me, but I’m in no major rush,” Hadley explained. “I feel like I deserve it, especially when you see certain guys signing to the UFC. I’ve seen flyweights signed to the UFC who were 6-3-0 and they’re biggest win was against someone who was 3-2-0. I’ve got to look them up and think, ‘Who can you be signing to the UFC, you’re biggest win is 3-2-0 and you have three losses on your record?’ To be honest, I wouldn’t even let them challenge for my Cage Warriors title. You’re not even good enough to challenge me for my title. I’m just being completely truthful.”

When you say the UFC has the best fighters in the world, my opinion is they haven’t because they haven’t got me.

“How come you don’t have me?” Hadley asked.

“I can beat the top 15 right now,” Hadley continued. “Right now. They could put me in with any of the guys. You think I’m cocky or something, you think this is a cocky guy, he doesn’t know what its all about, whatever. Well, put me in with something you think that can beat me then? No problem, I’ll fight anyone.

“I’m just hungry and I’m ready to go.”


Kenai is a former Postmedia Network online news and sports editor. He is the Editor-in-Chief for MMA Crossfire.

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