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Souris Manfredi: I’m fighting Dangknofah for the WBC Muay Thai belt in November

Souris Manfredi is looking to add the WBC women’s Muay Thai belt to her collection in November.

Crossfire Vault – Souris Manfredi

The World Lethwei women’s bantamweight champion took to social media to confirm her next bout will be a title fight against Thailand’s Dangkonfah on Nov. 6 on pay-per-view.

Hello !
That’s it I can talk about it
The fight against Dangkonfah for the WBC title will take place on November 6
The fight won’t have an audience but it will be broadcaster and you can see it live by purchasing a PPV for the insane sum of $ 5 (around € 4).
I will fight around 17 pm local time.
In France Saturday at noon. What’s better than my head instead of JT?
The fight card will also be composed of the fighters of the Look Yamo training camp
We’re far, we work in the shadows like eggs, we’ve had more wages for months, the best way to support us now will be to pay for this PPV and love our perfs!
Share, talk about it, organize aperitifs to matter this PPV and be present on D-Day
Thank you so much – Souris Manfredi

Manfredi’s last bout in September was supposed to be for the same title but her original opponent Dangkonfah were yanked at the last minute and the bout was changed to non-title.

Souris Manfredi

Thailand is currently COVID-19 protocols and it is possible the bout could be cancelled or postponed due to those regulations.


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