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Who’s got next for Jake Paul in 2022?

MyBookie head oddsmaker David Strauss weighs in

MyBookie head oddsmaker David Strauss checks in with odds on who YouTube boxing sensation Jake Paul will face next.

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Jake Paul went 3-0-0 in 2021, knocking out Ben Askren in April, and then defeating Tyron Woodley in August and December. A successful year, any way you look at it. In case you missed it, check out what Paul did in the rematch against Woodley.

Can Paul continue to raise the bar in 2022? Let’s take a look at some potential opponents.

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Tommy Fury

Andrews: Fury has to be the frontrunner since he was booked to fight Paul until he pulled out. And the heat between their girlfriends seems to be adding some fuel to the fire.


Anderson Silva

Andrews: Silva has been rejuvenated since turning to boxing after the UFC. That vicious knockout of Tito Ortiz reminded many of “The Spider.” Silva could be a big risk though right now for Paul in 2022.


Dillon Danis

Andrews: Danis took to Instagram to wager $12 million that Paul can’t knock him out. Right now, it’s just Internet talk but if Paul does look towards Ireland, it will probably be in the direction of Danis first.


Conor McGregor

Andrews: This would be the money fight, but McGregor is currently on the shelf right now and is trying to make a run towards the UFC lightweight title. Dana White thinks MCGregor will be back in the summer and there is the Nate Diaz trilogy fight. I would be surprised if Irish eyes smiled on Paul in 2022.


Jorge Masvidal

Andrews: Masvidal is currently under contract with the UFC, which is likely why Paul dangled a $5 million offer. Not much to look at here.

NATE DIAZ (+700)

Nate Diaz

Andrews: Diaz is in the same boat as Masvidal. And Carrese Archer, the guy dropped his beer when Diaz feigned a punch in the crowd of the Paul – Woodley 2 fight, wants a crack at him too.


Floyd Mayweather

Andrews: Floyd carried Paul’s brother in their fight and Paul needs a convincing win at this stage of his career. Floyd would not be so generous if he fought Paul. Too much downside.

NICK DIAZ (+1200)

Nick Diaz

Andrews: Diaz looked okay considering his layoff against Lawler but he would need to be in much better shape to step in the ring with Paul. I don’t think it would be the fight that everyone would expect. Is anyone holding their breath for this one?

MIKE TYSON (+2000)

Mike Tyson

Andrews: This would have to be an exhibition like Logan and Floyd. Even at his age, Paul could not take many shots from Tyson and this would not advance Paul’s career although it would generate dollars.


Canelo Alvarez

Andrews: No way. Next.

LOGAN PAUL (+3000)

Logan Paul

Andrews: This fight could happen eventually but not in 2022. Why have your own brother knock the steam out of your own career?

DANA WHITE (+3500)

Dana White

Andrews: Remember back when Tito Ortiz challenged Dana to a fight? Ortiz pulled out and we were left wondering. But White did claim to get the better of Ortiz when they sparred. That was a long time ago. White has some health issues and is no condition to compete.

It’s a good thing that Paul and his handlers seem to have a pulse on ideal opponents. It was a good year for Paul in 2021. They will need it to navigate what should be an interesting 2022.

Let’s see what happens.


Kenai is a former Postmedia Network online news and sports editor. He is the Editor-in-Chief for MMA Crossfire.

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