About MMA Crossfire

MMA Crossfire was created by former Postmedia news and sports editor Kenai Andrews in 2010, where it was featured on the company’s flagship website Canada.com for five years. Focusing primarily on combat sports, the blog ended up being one of Canada.com’s most popular blogs.

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The Crossfire moved to its own website in 2015. Andrews is the Editor-in-Chief of MMACrossfire.com.

In 2020, MMA Crossfire launched approximately 35 episodes of TKO Countdown, a live TV show on the Barnburner and Fired Up Networks.





Noel Clubb


Noel was our boxing columnist and boxing coach who was now branched out into television, hosting the shows Knockout and Clubb Tracks.



Joe LoBianco

Joe LoBianco is a Long Island-based photographer who began writing a photography column called Breaking the MMA Lens for The Crossfire in 2014. LoBianco’s movie Quality Control, launched in November 2016 for his production company, Tin Mirror Productions.



Ferlan Bailey

Orlando’s Ferlan Bailey is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder who joined MMA Crossfire in 2015. Bailey writes a bodybuilding column called The #Bodybuilding Life, which chronicles his personal journey and runs his own fitness consulting company.



Melissa Coates
Melissa Coates at The Arnold

Melissa Coates wrote The Super Genie Diary for The Crossfire, a personal collection of thoughts and experiences from her travels with wrestling legend Sabu. She is a championship bodybuilder and model, as well as a professional wrestler. Sadly, she passed away in 2021.


The Kimura Moment


Koriander Bullard is an author and cartoonist born in Chicago, Illinois, but currently residing in London, Kentucky. She is a fan of combat sports and is best known for her wrestling and MMA cartoons. When not enjoying the fights with her husband John, she is diligently at work on her fantasy light novel series Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter, which follows a group of college students who were created to fight demons in Japan.