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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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Melissa Coates


The Super Genie Diary – WrestleCon

Wrestlecon is a big convention held every year, two days before Wrestlemania. DAY ONE This year, it was in sunny (and sticky) Orlando, Florida for Friday,...

The Super Genie Diary Photo Gallery

Check out these hard-to-find collection of photos, straight from The Super Genie Melissa Coates and the Icon of Hardcore, Sabu! And while you're at it,...

The Super Genie Diary – The Action Bronson Ancient Aliens experience

Super Genie and Sabu at DTW Airport, before taking our evening flight on Delta out to LAX for our last minute California trip courtesy...

The Super Genie Diary – Reflecting on Chyna

Today is a sad day for many, as we heard of the passing of Joanie Laurer on Wednesday, April 20th. Once billed as Chyna, the...

The Super Genie Diary – Wrestlecon and Wrestlemania 32 weekend

DALLAS, APRIL 1ST - We arrived via the Magic Carpet SUV which Sabu's driver Tom drove from my place in Atlanta, to downtown Dallas. Since...

Special Report – Melissa Coates at the 2016 Arnold

A highlight of my winter months is the annual Arnold Sports Festival. In the  past, I've competed in the bodybuilding portion of this weekend (my...

The Super Genie Diary – The 2016 Tokyo Tour

Welcome back to The Super Genie Diary! In case you missed last year's Tokyo Tour:   2016 TOKYO TOUR  DAY 1- So much to do before heading to...

The Super Genie Diary – One Night Stand Tokyo: Day Five

Welcome back to The Super Genie Diary. In case you missed: One Night Stand Tokyo: Day One One Night Stand Tokyo: Day Two One Night Stand Tokyo: Day...

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