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Breaking the MMA Lens

Breaking the MMA Lens: Reasons 50mm is prime

Which lens is the best? Who knows? We all have our favorites. I love the 50mm prime. What is a prime? Well, it’s not a...

Breaking the MMA Lens: Personality

Every good photo should have a personality of its own. I try to make a point of having a reason for each photo. Why is...

Breaking the MMA Lens: To friend or not to friend

Sometimes, it can be difficult to be neutral when shooting fight photos. You can occasionally feel yourself silently rooting during the fight. This can happen...

Breaking the MMA Lens: Using the cage

In the last column, we talked about shooting around and through the cage. The cage is always there in front of you, unless you’re actually...

Breaking the MMA Lens: See no evil

In MMA photography, there is one element that is always there. It’s in your face. The closer you get the more it’s in your face. Bigger,...

Breaking the MMA Lens: Amateurs

Amateurs. That’s the working title of a new documentary being produced by filmmaker George Billard. It's about the amateur MMA world. I talked to George...

Breaking the MMA Lens: A conversation with Glenn Dextras – part 2

In the first part, we talked about Glenn’s equipment and the technical side of how he shoots a fight. In this part, we’ll get...

Breaking the MMA Lens: A conversation with photographer Glenn Dextras

I love interviewing other photographers. There is always something to learn. You can compare notes, photography likes and dislikes, what equipment you use and which...

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