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TUF 23: Episode 10 thoughts

We're in the semi-finals stage now on TUF 23. To recap, Team Claudia easily won the group stage over Team Joanna, 7-1. But Team Joanna...

TUF 23 – Episode 9 thoughts

Team Joanna finally broke through in Episode 8.  But they are down to their last male and female fighters. This week, it's up to...

TUF 23 – Episode 8 thoughts

Team Joanna is in danger of being swept on TUF 23. They are down 0-6 with two fights left. Team Joanna's Josh Stansbury takes...

TUF 23: Episode 7 thoughts

Team Joanna is on the bubble. They're down 5-0 to Team Claudia and in danger of being swept, which would be a first for...

TUF 23: Episode 6 thoughts

Abdel's personal problems are a cloud hovering over Team Claudia. Abdel has a chat with Dana White. He tries to get a three-week extension...

TUF 23: Episode 5 thoughts

Lanchana Green talks about her childhood when she was often bullied. Her plan against Helen Harper is to keep her distance on the feet....

TUF 23: Episode 4 thoughts

In case you missed earlier TUF 23 recaps. Episode 4 features Andrew Sanchez taking on Myron Dennis. Team Joanna is down 2-0 and she can't...

TUF 23: Episode 3 thoughts

We see clips of JJ Aldrich and Tatiana Suarez preparing for their fight. The sickness that Helen Harper had in Episode 2 turned out to...

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